[Adventure Time] I’m Just Your Problem (Marshall Lee)【Ashe】



A Little Thing Called Life

Hello, Mexu2d here! Well we have a production coming up called A Little Thing Called Life, yes there is something besides anime out there, and this production is endeavoring to find that little something. We encourage you our followers to go watch us and probably wear something green. ‘A Little Thing Called Life’ – tickets now on sale! EARLY BIRD TICKETS FOR THE NEXT 48 HOURS ONLY!!!

Tickets are now on sale for the piece that RM19 will be performing in on Saturday 5th July, ‘A Little Thing Called Life’. Purchase tickets for this concert now over the phone from the Royal Opera House box office: 020 7304 4000. Some tickets are available online but to get all the options and the best prices you are recommended to book over the phone. ROH Learning and Participation Department
The Vinery, High House Production Park
Vellacott Close off London Road
Purfleet, RM19 1RJ


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Naruto ending 28

It is so deep. I love Naruto, I read the manga so I was expecting the whole Obito back-story, but watching it is like an arrow to the heart. I was physically unprepared. No matter what anyone say’s Naruto will always be a classic. It’s an anime that will blow you away. So, to anyone that isn’t watching it. Watch it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!