A Little Thing Called Life

Hello, Mexu2d here! Well we have a production coming up called A Little Thing Called Life, yes there is something besides anime out there, and this production is endeavoring to find that little something. We encourage you our followers to go watch us and probably wear something green. ‘A Little Thing Called Life’ – tickets now on sale! EARLY BIRD TICKETS FOR THE NEXT 48 HOURS ONLY!!!

Tickets are now on sale for the piece that RM19 will be performing in on Saturday 5th July, ‘A Little Thing Called Life’. Purchase tickets for this concert now over the phone from the Royal Opera House box office: 020 7304 4000. Some tickets are available online but to get all the options and the best prices you are recommended to book over the phone. ROH Learning and Participation Department
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‘Dawn of the Planet of the Apes’ trailer: Caesar builds a future — VIDEO

As a lover of the Franchise, Planet of the Apes cannot get any more surreal. We are pushed to the point of realisation, that we are predators and that this hierarchy in the food chain is only sustained by our industry and intelligence. Such a thin chain that it may break apart in an instant; will we continue to evolve as species forever searching for answers, but not looking at the true unknown animals of our time…OURSELVES.

Tiger Beer Artist Series featuring Jasper Wong, Will Barras, Kozyndan and Gisele Scanlon

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Image of Tiger Beer Artist Series featuring Jasper Wong, Will Barras, Kozyndan and Gisele Scanlon


Sourcing the talent of four unique artists from all corners of the globe, Tiger Beer introduces its latest series of collectable beer glasses. Commissioning Will Barras, Jasper Wong, Gisèle Scanlon, and husband and wife duo Kozyndan, each of the glasses’ box feature the distinguished artwork of each individual. From the heavily pop culture-influenced work of Wong, to the extremely detailed work of team Kozyndan, each of the boxes make for the perfect canvas in giving a four-sided look at their finished illustrations. Unfortunately, you’ll have to make do with the images as this limited edition collection is available only in Ireland.

Jasper Wong Essentials

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Image of Essentials: Jasper Wong

The “process.” This has long been an important notion for artist, curator, POW WOW founder and father, Jasper Wong. Having grown up in Hawaii amongst a healthy diet of cartoons, he eventually left the confines of home to attend art school in San Francisco. Looking further for a greater challenge, Jasper eventually made the move to Hong Kong for a change of pace and a new series of challenges. One of his most remarkable efforts was the foundation of POW WOW, an art-based creative event that championed the ability for the public to witness artists in action. As the inaugural event in Hong Kong got the ball rolling for bringing art to an otherwise deprived region at the time, Jasper would eventually return back to his hometown of Honolulu to continue on with his endeavors. After yet another successful POW WOW campaign in 2013, we had the chance to explore the Essentials of the new father which teeters heavily on the art supply side of things — makes sense given his designation as one of Archive magazine’s 200 Best Illustrators Worldwide — with of course an influx of new and much more pertinent supplies for his daughter, Ella.

Jasper Wong – The Simple Beauty of Just Coloring


Born in Hawaii, Jasper Wong was exposed to a beautiful natural landscape growing up, yet left to pursue his passions in illustrations, drawing and art when given the first opportunity. After a 10-year absence, Wong returned to Hawaii to contribute to the burgeoning art scene, which it seems, had also grown while he was away. Amongst the many projects (POW WOW being among the largest) he has contributed to his home state, Wong initiated “The Little Shop of Wonder,” which rather magically transformed a storefront into an over-sized coloring book. In the latest video piece from The Avant/Garde Diaries, the online magazine briefly interviews Wong about the simple joys of analog techniques, and what has inspired him over the years. Enjoy the video piece above while check out his recent Essentials.




Image of Tech Essentials: Jasper Wong

Every year on Valentines weekend, the art world descends upon Honolulu, Hawaii for POW! WOW! – a week-long art and music initiative founded by Hawaiian artist Jasper Wong. Inspired by art as a means of expression, POW! WOW! continues to grow exponentially, bringing together acclaimed artists both international and local under Jasper’s curation. Outside of POW! WOW!, Jasper’s artistic foray is seen via unique paintings that fuse together Asian pop influences with street art sensibilities, while his commitment to outreach is furthered via exhibitions and youth projects taking place in a creative venue he founded, LOFT IN SPACE. We previously caught up with Jasper on our Essentials feature, where he showed off tools needed for his illustration, placed humorously alongside his baby daughter Ella. In this episode, we look at the on-the-go apps needed to assist Jasper in his dynamic lifestyle. Aside from the usual social media channels, Jasper looks to Duolingo as a way to accomplish his New Year’s resolution to pick up a new language, Smash Hit to train his hand eye coordination, Endless Reader for its ability to provide fun and educational cues for his daughter, and 1AM to help locate exciting murals during his travel. Cast your eyes over his Tech Essentials and stay tuned for the next chapter of POW! WOW!, making its debut this year in Taipei.

Man Creates Funny Low-Cost Pop Culture Costumes From Household Objects

These are Hilarious Cosplay… 🙂 Low-cost costumes from Household objects. I loved looking at these. 🙂 LOL


Elsa - Frozen
Elsa – Frozen

Thai cosplay enthusiast Anucha “Cha” Saengchart of Lowcostcosplay has created a funny collection of low-cost pop culture costumes from simple household objects.

You can view more of his creative costumes on Facebook.

Spock - Star Trek
Spock – Star Trek

Voldemort - Harry Potter
Voldemort – Harry Potter

Meowth - Pokémon
Meowth – Pokémon

Piccolo - Dragon BallPiccolo – Dragon Ball

Terminator - Terminator 2
Terminator – Terminator 2

 Piscine Molitor "Pi" Patel and  Richard Parker - Life of Pi
Piscine Molitor “Pi” Patel and Richard Parker – Life of Pi

images via Lowcostcosplay

via Kotaku

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Man Creates Funny Low-Cost Pop Culture Costumes From Household Objects

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Man of Moods (Japan) 2014 Fall/Winter Lookbook



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