Image of Tech Essentials: Jasper Wong

Every year on Valentines weekend, the art world descends upon Honolulu, Hawaii for POW! WOW! – a week-long art and music initiative founded by Hawaiian artist Jasper Wong. Inspired by art as a means of expression, POW! WOW! continues to grow exponentially, bringing together acclaimed artists both international and local under Jasper’s curation. Outside of POW! WOW!, Jasper’s artistic foray is seen via unique paintings that fuse together Asian pop influences with street art sensibilities, while his commitment to outreach is furthered via exhibitions and youth projects taking place in a creative venue he founded, LOFT IN SPACE. We previously caught up with Jasper on our Essentials feature, where he showed off tools needed for his illustration, placed humorously alongside his baby daughter Ella. In this episode, we look at the on-the-go apps needed to assist Jasper in his dynamic lifestyle. Aside from the usual social media channels, Jasper looks to Duolingo as a way to accomplish his New Year’s resolution to pick up a new language, Smash Hit to train his hand eye coordination, Endless Reader for its ability to provide fun and educational cues for his daughter, and 1AM to help locate exciting murals during his travel. Cast your eyes over his Tech Essentials and stay tuned for the next chapter of POW! WOW!, making its debut this year in Taipei.


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