Jasper Wong Essentials

REBLOGGED: ORIGINAL SITE~ http://hypebeast.com/2013/4/essentials-jasper-wong

Image of Essentials: Jasper Wong

The “process.” This has long been an important notion for artist, curator, POW WOW founder and father, Jasper Wong. Having grown up in Hawaii amongst a healthy diet of cartoons, he eventually left the confines of home to attend art school in San Francisco. Looking further for a greater challenge, Jasper eventually made the move to Hong Kong for a change of pace and a new series of challenges. One of his most remarkable efforts was the foundation of POW WOW, an art-based creative event that championed the ability for the public to witness artists in action. As the inaugural event in Hong Kong got the ball rolling for bringing art to an otherwise deprived region at the time, Jasper would eventually return back to his hometown of Honolulu to continue on with his endeavors. After yet another successful POW WOW campaign in 2013, we had the chance to explore the Essentials of the new father which teeters heavily on the art supply side of things — makes sense given his designation as one of Archive magazine’s 200 Best Illustrators Worldwide — with of course an influx of new and much more pertinent supplies for his daughter, Ella.


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