Spring 2014 Episode Rankings – Week 1

I’ve picked up a whopping 22 new animes this term. But regardless, this season is awesome. There is an amazing selection, I haven’t been this is excited in spring since romance was whispering in the air and pollen was causing hay fever to have a festival…. aaaah. No really, this is a great season, check out Angryjellyfish’s Blog and their Spring 2014 Episode Rankings. 🙂

Angryjellyfish's Blog

Spring is here! And with it come a bunch of new anime series, good, bad and generic. Since pretty much everything I was following last season has now ended, I’ve picked up a whopping 15 new shows, and even that’s less than half of everything on offer. Have I made the right choices? Probably not, but they’re varied at least, so I’ll stick with them until at least mid-season. 🙂

So once again, here’s a full list of everything I’ll be following, in order of how much I liked each episode, and more detailed thoughts/comments about a few of them.

Somehow, I doubt the 'weak' part. Somehow, I doubt the ‘weak’ part.

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3 thoughts on “Spring 2014 Episode Rankings – Week 1

  1. Thanks for the reblog! I’d have loved to have picked up even more Spring anime, but I know my limits. 😛 Guess I can always come back to the shows I didn’t pick up at a later date. 🙂

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