Funny enough, it was today that ignorance was brought towards me as a topic. I don’t care for why I found this funny, but for reasons that riddle my mind I found the topic of ignorance amusing. Maybe it was due to my fellow classmate uttering about how she couldn’t bear to be put in a team with ‘ignorant people.’

Yes ‘teams’, the social exploit your teachers decide to encourage to promote future skills of compatibility, flexibility, management, and the such. When in reality it is either the smart with the stupid, the stupid with the stupid, or the lazy with the smart. To put it in simple words, a team is a hierarchy of popularity and in the end nobody is put in the team that they want, and it generates what most love to call procrastination. But what I call blatant refusal to follow the system and get on with the work. If only teachers could see that the popular want to be with the popular, the smart with the smart, and well let’s just all abandon the stupid and lazy to themselves, their not going to get any thing done anyway. 

However that was besides the point, the point was the term ‘ignorant people’ it was amusing. I found it amusing due to my teachers reply to the comment. Miss T had said,

“Don’t worry, I won’t place you with anyone ignorant then” However that was wrong and most likely a lie.

For a teacher to not put a person in a group with ignorant people would represent classification, judgement, segregation, and obvious favoritism that we all know a teacher can’t do. So despite her reply, she wouldn’t be able to abide by them. 

Subsequently I commented,

“Now, you can’t really say your not going to put her in a team with ignorant people due to the fact that ignorance changes from person to person. How we see ignorance varies, so V’s thoughts of ignorance are different then your form of ignorance Miss T. Thus to say something such as that is hypocritical, due to the fact that regardless of how this plays, she’ll still be put in a team with someone she may classify as ignorant.” 

And that is the end of my rant— thank you for reading. 😀


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