Hello, this is Mexu2d! First of all I wanted to apologize to all viewers for my absence of posts; it was evidently one of those moments when your so stressed by the real world you forget about anime, it’s mortifying. Why aren’t more people looking at this site…huh.

Anyway, I’m here to talk about a really awesome anime that you may not of heard about. The Getbackers; YES, it is just as the name states their a recovery service that specializes in getting whatever you want back for you, and their not cheap! From extreme high’s to pitiful lows they’ll do anything to pay their debt. A two man team of Ban Midou and Ginji Amano. With funny skits and an amazing plot it’s just an anime to watch.

Animated by Studio Deen in 2002, in my opinion it’s a great animation , I do admit that it’s not one of the best; with the standards of 2013 anime’s such as Shingeki no Kyojin but it’s a flare of the original Noughties anime’s. Where we go back to the animes’ that still struck a cord with little budget for animation. However, it was fabulous with a full 49 episode series, it still kept enigma around the two main characters so even though they were the most on the screen they were still the most entertaining and thrilling of the entire show. That type of tension really hyped me up and made it a show worth watching.
The characters, are very much the real deal to really take an intrigue, with so many powerful personalities it’s surprising that the animation didn’t blow up. In the end of the day this built up a great an intricate plot that really made you doubt at times who you were routing for. Placing in doubt your faith in humans. not to give too much away it still keeps you active and as a person who only gets hyped with characters with potential, enigma, and pure comedy it was an ideal anime for me; I can only do one thing but recommend the refreshing anime to others, so take a gamble, I assure you it won’t leave you bored.Love you MEXU2D.  

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