Mirai Nikki Review [SPOILERS!]

Opening Song

Hello this is Mexu2d and I’m here with a review on Miria Nikki; first off I’ve got to say I watched this anime series…. ages ago but because of the utter inhumanity in this anime I could not bring myself to make a review. But now I have to make a review just to warn the world that you have not really watched super psycho love till you’ve watched this. Without telling you too much of the plot because I want you to share my horror , here is a short summary:
(by the way it recently got English dubbed)

Okay, so have you ever had a time when your a complete loner, you have no friends because your anti-social and instead you’ve decided that you’re an observer and that your only friend is your imaginary friend. The God of reality Deus and his little sidekick Muru Muru. Well if you’ve never had that type of moment then you can’t relate to the main character of this show. Yukiteru Amano, the loner of the century. Except you know his imaginary friends. They weren’t imaginary…………  😦

Do you feel his pain? Well this was revealed in the first episode anyway so I might as well spoil it for you. Basically Yuki’s ‘imaginary’ God Deus who was actually a real God, OMG!!!!

Consequently he made Yuki’s phone diary into a dairy that told the future. However this is not as awesome as you would believe because if his phone died, he’d die. Also I forgot to mention  TWELVE PEOPLE HAVE THE DIARIES AND THEIR OUT TO KILL EACH OTHER TO BECOME GOD. Yuki’s screwed over, all because of Deus’ sick humor in a game to find his successor.  

Then there is this and that. Oh I forgot to mention, he has a stalker called Yuno Gasai that also has a diary and will do anything to PROTECT him. Which her form of protecting nearly forces our main character to do suicide. 


Oh more stuff happen, the ending so unpredictable i nearly choked. 

Well all in all it was a good show, I enjoyed watching it sadly enough. It had one of the best soundtracks ever, almost rivalling the soundtrack of Elfin Lied. It made me think at least I’m not that guy. It’s less gory than Shingeki no kyojin but still that plot. And there’s a season 2 coming out.

All advise is watch, watch, watch ,watch, watch, watch, watch!!!!!!

Also AKISE!!!!!!!! (you only understand if you watch it.)




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