Music in anime pt 2


Hello, I’m back again, Mexu2d and I;m going to list two more of my favorite bands or singers in anime themes. XD  

Okay, the first band I’ll be featuring in this latest post will be Song Riders, a Japanese group which mostly specializes in Hip hop music. They most recently featured their hit song {BE} in the Shin Megami Tensei Devil survivor 2 the animation ending. 

In 2005 Song Riders was formed, in 2007 they released their indie debut mini album ‘CONFIDENCE’ in August. By November 2008 they released  their top single ‘SPEED HOLIC’. After that their popularity has risen and have become well known in the kansai region of Japan. So their pretty good.

To check them out watch this video:


The second band I’ll be featuring is FLOW, the awesome band which sang Code geass opening 1 as well as  Naruto opening 6. They’ve featured in many animes. However I don’t know that much about them so to find out more go to this link:





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