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Woe for The 14th

I thought he loved me, but I was wrong. I’ve been wrong about many things, frequently disappointed by my lack of luck. However I’ve come to realize that I wasn’t mistaken, it was more of the fact that my knowledge, that my opinion differed from everyone else. I wasn’t the one with the answers.
For I am deception, I have been deceived, buried alive throughout my life in the truth which I thought I knew. Yet that truth was all lies.
My Father, the man I had believed to be my guardian; the one who had loved, told me he loved me, raised me as his own. Was a lie, his love a lie? His love probably a delusion of his own mind. He’d been fighting so long he had forgotten his sanity somewhere along the journey of life.
He was false
Mana Walker was false.
He’d been a clown, madman dressed to terrify or entertain, he’d been my guide. My savior, my Father, my friend. He’d been everything to me.
But now I’ve realized, he wasn’t any of that. To him I had been a tool, just a boy that he could use for his own selfish means. I was the 14th.
Slowly I was being consumed by the 14th within me, and one day I would lose my identity.
And all because of Mana.
My father Mana Walker.
You know what’s funny is that I can’t hate him, I’ll never despise him. It wasn’t entirely his fault. In a way I am just another casualty of war. So I must remember before I am erased by the 14th.
That I am Allen Walker, I am an exorcist that kills Akuma as well as humanity. Yet above all, even if I am unsure whether Mana truly loved me, I know in my heart that no matter what, I will always love him.

Allen Walker

Fan- fiction by Alexia a.k.a Mexu2d


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