Hello everyone in the world that actually looks at this blog, I am Mexu2d and I am here to present to you XRezarfGaming. Now it is a generally new channel, so it hasn’t caught on just yet but if you love Pokemon and gaming than go on youtube and subscribe. One of my good friends made this channel, but don’t believe that I am advertising out of bias because I’m a friend. No, it is a really good channel for gaming lovers as well as Pokemon lovers. Okay I admit there is a little bias but not a lot. World stop judging me!!!…………………………….
Sorry just got over my paranoia, but continuing about XRezarfGaming, mostly they have done videos on Pokemon showdowns and ways you can get out of these showdowns or cheat codes, it talks you through the game. So if you generally want to waste time on Pokemon go XRezarfGaming It’s just filled with Pokemon awesomeness. So if you want to know more subscribe.

And if your not gonna subscribe, and your not interested in Pokemon or gaming, then don’t read this post! XD

LINK TO THEIR CHANNEL: http://www.youtube.com/user/EveryThingGamingShow?feature=watch

One of my favorite videos of theirs,


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