Free—~~~~~Iwatobi swimming club

Finally, they have made an anime that is dedicated to swimming and guys. For all the girls out there and guys that like swimming you have got to watch this show. Well you probably got the gist of it from that video.
But it isn’t as crazy as it seems, it has a plot and a story line, it’s a pretty decent show.
So for fans of anime watch it now!!!

Also see the amazing ending and opening!!!!

Also see the review of Free by one of my favorite anime reviewers Gigguk



4 thoughts on “Free—~~~~~Iwatobi swimming club

    1. Hey Antonia I checked out that video, soz forgot to comment back. It was hilarious, I love soul eater. The next post I’m doing is more Music in anime, and another one about a club I’m in. But I’ll definitely do a post about soul eater when I have the chance.

  1. hey uh just wondering but where did you get the image of the set of boys? Do you know if it’s official art or fanmade or…? thanks!

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