MAGI (The labyrinth of magic.) Review

MAGI REVIEW, BY MEXU2D Magi. The manga was written and illustrated by Shinobu Ohtaka, it started serialization in Weekly Shōnen Sunday in June 2009. Now it has been adapted into what I thought was an epic 2013 anime by A-1 PICTURES. It has been licensed by Aniplex of America in North America, by Viz Media Europe in Europe and by Madman Entertainment in Australia. Airing in Japan from October 2012 to March 2013. Magi the labyrinth of magic is based on Aladdin (A young Magi who is trying to discover his past.) Alibaba (A boy with a dark past, but finds a friend in Aladdin.) And Morgianna (A young slave girl.) They together decide to go on a journey but first they have to overcome their own dilemmas. But whilst they try to achieve their goals, there is an organization, a dark force that wants to destroy anything bright in the world. They must stop them Though forgetting about the technicalities, I thought the show was wonderful. There were moments that were so emotional and breath-taking that I felt myself choking up, some times were so hilarious that I fell off my chair. The plot was sound, the characters were great, the overall animation itself was spectacular to look at. I actually find it hard to fault, the only thing I would state as wrong would be the background soundtrack, which was really good but sometimes not very memorable. Altogether it was a great show in my eyes. Everything was laid out well, everything looked good, it was a great story. A really heart warming anime to watch.

MAGI opening 1 & 2

Also the amazing series of Magi continues with a breath taking epic second season, called Magi the kingdom of magic. It’s awesome. With conflict, and evil around the corner will our three protagonist be able to achieve their goals whilst keeping their righteous ideals. May their friendship stay intact. XD
Second season openings.

<Magi alladin



3 thoughts on “MAGI (The labyrinth of magic.) Review

  1. Love this review – Magi is amazing! I’ve only just picked up season two but I’m enjoying the series so far. I agree with you on laughing out loud and choking up – it has everything. Think I’ll check out the manga once I’m done, too!

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