Nebula(Latin)~~ Haze

The man a watchdog in an alley, you can see he thinks he’s a big man, strong man, the man. In his tailored leather jacket and comfy boots. His posse beside him, five thugs huddled near a burning bin, to ward off the ice snow, their darkness in their alleyway.

Although when you look at them, into their eyes, everything is made clear, the cold as well as nothing   isn’t the only thing their trying to hide away.

They’re barely stable, they’re barely calm, every twitch, every shadow, and scum. Makes them jump.

They’re plagued with fear, because they know their not the biggest animals, the strongest in their jungle.

They know there is something that goes bump in the night. Something that can eat them whole. They’re fools you see, because they’re scared.

That’s why they’re doomed.
If your scared your sane, you are aware that something is coming. Fear can turn into something terrible, so I manifested from that fear, rose from the shadows that they hid in.

I smiled at them, with a toothy grin, pale skin, and purple eyes. That was the last thing they would ever see.

It was funny, at the very end those insignificant men who pretended to be strong. Clung to each other. It reminded me about how we are meaningless without another. There is no meaning without a friend.

You are gone so no one knows me. I wish for that person again, the one with that smile.

… Then I stop wishing….

What am I?

I am the nightmare, I am the knife, the knife you all perceive that can split a family in two, a knife that can split a community. A knife that will find you and your fears. I am the knife that can ruin you.

I don’t need to be anything except that.


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