Every colour is concrete grey, hidden in black shades, a dull hue. There is a slight transparency like I can see through its lies. I feel an omnipotent euphoria that is beyond space, above time, watching all life- and death. The clouds shift above like a stormy bleak ocean and underneath that hollow sky. I lie- rotting away with each passing second- imagining the world.

You see, I can not really see the sky nor the land, all I see is concrete grey. Their walls, their bars, their constant cold; only fleetingly do they offer any present warmth, but fortunately- or maybe unfortunately- I am mostly forgotten. In my box of concrete grey.

I lie- rotting away with each passing second- imagining the world.

And then the unexpected comes, the door opens and I see beyond my concrete grey. More than my little box, more than my fiction of a stormy bleak ocean as a sky. More and more, I open my eyes to coincidence or fate.

He opens the door, I watch him, a hawk observing a predator or prey. He slinks into my box, my space, a trespassing fox in my solitude. There is nothing extraordinary about him yet neither is he ordinary. Strangely I feel no threat from him, I sense a friend.

He calls himself Victor, I didn’t like the look in his eyes ; cold and merciless. He tells me he is here to break me out, to save me from hell. I didn’t understand, I didn’t want to leave but his heartless stare swallows any of my resistance.


When an animal is caged it knows no friend, it becomes docile, obedient, forgetful. It is my job to save these creatures stripped of their nature. So I had to save him, I felt the urge to save him.

The first time I saw him he had those grey eyes, that white hair, and barely any presence. He was a rat in a lab, one of the many crushed in this prison of grey. Yet he wasn’t broken, he wasn’t insane. They said he was an exception, that he was a monster that deserved this hell. I didn’t believe that.

So that is why I did it. I took a demon out of hell.

The monster and I ran in the dead of night, like a child just born to the world he was curious. He kept muttering  “Rich black, deep dark grey.” It confused me, his murmuring,  his blank absent mind. However he also amused me, made me laugh, he smiled back at me,

“It seems I have found a friend.” he laughed “Despite your merciless eyes.”

“My merciless eyes?” I asked. He  just shrugged. And we continued creeping


How beautiful the world is, inside the dead of night, twilight. Like all the grey in the prison decided to condense in to the space I only dream of. And when we finally get outside, I sing and I dance. The air so fresh. The moon full, watching me; an open eye judging me. Sadly only then do I remember. Remember why I’m not allowed freedom. I stopped on the rocky hill, a meter away from that building of grey.

Victor was surprised, exasperated by my behavior.

“I need to go back.” I tell him, but he forcefully grabs my arm.

“If you go back now they would’ve known you left. They’ll kill you!” he exclaims. However I ignore him. Then …


He told me that he needs to go back, that makes no sense. I work for those satanic killers, I can tell he will not live. Suddenly  a spotlight came on- yellow as the sun- forcing me to submit.

“What are you doing Victor?” Announced a callous voice. I tried to run.

“Shoot him now!”

Suddenly there is the sound of a gunshot, it rang out. All I could think was, it’s all over for me. Yet the shot never hits me. It hits the monster, but he shakes it off. Like it’s nothing.

I’m terrified.

Because the monster is smiling, and the spotlights flicker until their gone. And I can here screaming in the distance though I don’t know where from.

I feel like I’ve unleashed something that I never should of touched.

What have I done?




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