DUNST pt 2

Dunst(german)~ Haze

We all understand fear, but do we really know it? Do we know the nature of the cold snake that curls at the bottom of our gut? Do we know when the choking knot appeared in our throat? Suffocating us, decaying us, eating us, while sweeping away any remains of thought. Any remains of the thing that keeps us stable. Sanity.
I don’t know when that fear came, it was just a sudden apparition in everyones lives. Like a Dam which with every stir of the wind and drop of rain tensed its walls. Until one event, one tiny change, shifted the roaring body of water behind that dam. And it burst, stifling our lives with its cold liquid hands, trapping us until we die in that body of water.
I know what that shift was, the thing that broke the walls to the dam in our lives. The screaming man.

The night was cold, blue, never clearly black, like it was everyday in the wasteland that we all lived in; our ‘modern’ world.
It was a night twelve years ago, 2018 to be exact, when I was only 3 years of age. I remember sensing, just feeling that something was wrong. That an evil shape was moving beyond the comfort of my home, beyond my window, beyond the broken down ruins of our war inflicted city.
I had cried, tears that were not of foolish origin, tears that knew that the world would only decline from then on, tears that were too mature for their age. It’s funny because it was like I was crying for all the grief yet to come. And even funnier was I never cried after that day, not once.

That shape I had sensed was a human, a male to be exact , swathed in his own darkness with eyes filled with bloodlust. As he shifted his way through the cleared debris and the new settlements. People say that they could hear him muttering to himself, singing words that we all feared to speak.
“They’re real.” He sang.
“They’re here.” He said.
“They’re going to kill us all!!!” He screamed. And he screamed , screamed, screamed. Shreiks filled with terror. Like they were preaching to Satan and playing with God.

It is said that at that moment everyone could hear the screams, in their dreams or otherwise. It was a sound you couldn’t escape- I felt that sound. I felt it and understood even at the tender age of three.
I felt those cursed words, those wanton moans that were fated for me.
That day was when it all began for me, but for everyone else it began with the death after.
Ten minutes of screaming, and when it all stopped everyone close enough. Anyone in a four kilometre radius was dead. Everyone except me.
War has plagued my world, we thought we had finally found peace. However creatures lie in the shadows- we will never be safe.

You know what’s really funny?
Is that on that day, I discovered. I was one of those creatures.




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